Between Two Sites – Episode 3: 2014 Game Awards/PSX!

We’re back folks! Another Between Two Sites podcast for your enjoyment…sans some sound issues and me ruining people’s names!

This week we talk about The Game Awards Show and The PlayStation Experience. What we liked, didn’t like, award moments, cool reveals – you name it, we covered it. Check out the podcast below:


Between Two Sites – Episode 2: Critics, Let’s Play!

Check out the third episode of UFG’s newest podcast, Between Two Sites, featuring our Editor-in-Chief and Aylon Herbet from! This week we talk about Youtubers, journalists, and review scores (should we use a number system?). We also get to hear Aylon talk like a robot – we’re still working on the sound quality!

Between Two Sites: Episode 1 – GamerGate!

Check out the second episode of UFG’s newest podcast, Between Two Sites. Featuring our Editor-in-Chief and Aylon Herbet from! This week we talk about GamerGate, Used Games and more. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I’m still learning this whole video/podcast editing thing. So, the sound is a bit off in areas (whenever I mute my mic, Aylon starts to echo), and the video isn’t as good as before. Overall, though this episode is much better though!

New Podcast – Between Two Sites Episode Zero!

Hi folks,

We’ve started a new podcast show. Called Between Two Sites, it features UFG’s Editor-in-Chief (yours truly) and NZGamer’s own, Aylon Herbet; those of you who listened to United Front Radio will recognize Aylon as a special guest who frequented the show. I thought that it would be interesting to have a podcast that was co-hosted by writers from different sites and in this case, different countries. The idea is to have a more diverse conversation about this thing we call video games. For our first episode, we took it easy – talking mostly about Destiny – but we plan on exploring a multitude of topics in the future. Feel free to take a listen.

DISCLAIMER: This is the first time I’ve been the…producer of a show. What this means is that the sound is off, the mute button didn’t work (every cough comes through crystal clear), and the video editing isn’t great. Also, because allergies, I can be heard mouth breathing. So, if you could, just bear with us for the time being. It’s a learning process for sure; the show will get better as we go along. We’ll even get a snazzy intro song like UF Radio!

Edit: We’ll also be posting the new show on our website ( Most likely, they’ll appear there first. So be sure to check the site if you don’t see the episodes here.